Our Services

See below for a selection of our services:


Pump Maintenance & 24hour Call Out Service

We offer maintenance contracts to both our private and commercial clients which gives a preferential response to any faults or failures that may occur. Our maintenance contracts cover both submersible pumping equipment and water boosting equipment.

Regular maintenance should reduce the overall running costs of the equipment, reduce the risk of failures and help predict future problems.

We also offer a 24hour call out services to cater for any pumping station failures both to our contracted clients and new clients.


Effluent Tankering

Established over 25 years ago we have an established working relationship with a local effluent tanker company who provide a fleet of well maintained Vacuum Tankers and friendly staff who specialise in Wet Waste Disposal including…Cesspool / Septic Tank Emptying / Grease Trap Emptying Gullies Emptying & Cleaning Portaloo & Toilet Tank Emptying & Re-Chemical Drain Jetting & Cleaning / Carrying water for bore hole testing / Cleaning drains for commissioning / Removal of storm water from site / Slurry moved or removed.


Installation Waste Water

We work primarily for the construction industry installing both foul and storm water pumping stations. These range from non adoptable stations that are privately maintained either by individual house owners or management companies through to large adoptable stations maintained by Water Authorities, Local Authorities or Government Organisations.


Installation Water Supply

We work primarily with the construction industry and in conjunction with the Water Authorities to manufacture and install water booster sets. These again range from serving single properties to transferring drinking water to reservoirs. We are again installing energy efficient equipment with variable speed and energy efficient motors.



We carry out refurbishment projects to existing equipment that has for example developed faults or simply deteriorated over time. This ranges from simply replacing a single pump to replacing the entire equipment within a wet well including the controls.


Pump and Motor Refurbishment

We carry out pump repairs to centrifugal pumps both submersible and non submersible from all major manufacturers including the refurbishment of the electric drive motors.


Special Projects

This special project shows a triple pump skid, fabricated and assembled for a client to export abroad.

The original design from the client was to install three submersible pumps onto a precast shelf constructed in the side of the retaining bund of the sedimentation pond at a gold mine. However the end user decided to move the retaining bund into a temporary position and the construction of the bund made it impossible to utilise the original design.

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