Sedimentation Lagoon Extraction Pump Skid

The pictures here show a triple pump skid, fabricated and assembled for a client to export abroad.

The original design from the client was to install three submersible pumps onto a precast shelf constructed in the side of the retaining bund of the sedimentation pond at a gold mine. However the end user decided to move the retaining bund into a temporary position and the construction of the bund made it impossible to utilise the original design.

It was agreed that a surface mounted pump set was the only option and therefore we contacted Hydro Marque to select suitable units from their Gorman Rupp range of self priming pumps.

The next problem was that there was no system head, as once the liquid had been lifted from the lagoon it would flow under gravity to the treatment plant located further down the mountain. The solution was in two parts, the first was to fabricate a break tank to provide artificial back pressure on the pumps and the second was to install lockable butterfly valves on the discharge of each pump to again provide some system head to avoid the pumps running out on the end of their curves.

In addition the client advised that there is likely to be up to a meter of sediment in the lagoon and therefore the suction would have to be from the top 1 meter of the lagoon. The answer to this problem was to purchase Floatation Modules manufactured by Messrs ITT Water & Wastewater. The floatation modules, designed to suspend submersible pumps were modified so that the suction hoses for the pumps could be suspend just below the surface of the water with a strainer fitted at the far end to avoid large particles being drawn into the pumps. The pump skid and tank were fabricated by Messrs DJE Fabrication and then sent for powder coating to the client’s specification. Once fabrication and powder coating was completed the sub-assembly was delivered to our workshop in Camberley were it was assembled with pumps, pipework and control panel.

Once assembly was complete the motors were wired up and tested and then the unit was packed and transported to the client’s freight forwarders.

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